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Three Design Ideas to Make Log Home Maintenance as Simple as Possible

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These three design strategies can make maintaining log homes easy.

One of the greatest barriers to buying a log home is that it will need a lot of maintenance. It doesn’t matter if your house is made of stone, vinyl or brick; it will need to be maintained. Log homes are a different story. Some design tricks can be used to make your log home lighter. Maintenance load.

Start with a smart website.

Log homes can be built in any area. Climate conditions There are many terrain options, including frosty mountaintops, humid coastlines and windy plains. It is important to position your home on any terrain correctly. While you will enjoy spectacular views from the top of a mountain or at the canyon’s edge, your maintenance costs will also increase. To protect your home from adverse weather, you can nestle it in a corner or on the side of a hill. Keep foundation plants, particularly shrubs, at a distance from the structure’s perimeter. This will allow air to circulate through the structure and keep the logs dry. Moisture is the log home’s #1 enemy. Ensure tall trees are kept away to prevent leaves and twigs from accumulating on the roof or gutters. For most tree species, the distance should be around 20 feet.

Include deep covered porches.

Outdoor living is synonymous with log homes, so incorporating porches, decks and patios into a layout ranks high on many soon-to-be homeowners’ must-have lists. These areas can be overlooked to save money, but the minimum amount of money saved upfront will be used for maintenance. Why? Why?

“Wood that is kept dry, properly finished and protected from the sun can survive for many years without needing to be touched,” says Perma-Chink’s Paul Peebles has been a professional stain-and sealant for almost 30 years. It’s simple. The answer is simple. This simple strategy will reduce the frequency you have to re-stain and re-seal logs. It will also increase your enjoyment.

Remove stains, mold, and mildew.

Log cabins are prone to mold and mildew growth, especially without good air circulation around the exterior. After you wash your logs, one way to remove stains and restore the wood to its natural color is with a product such as Wood ReNew, a biodegradable percarbonate-based cleaner.

An alternative for removing mold or mildew is this mixture from the NAHB:

  • 1 cup trisodium phosphate or detergent without ammonia
  • 1 quart of household bleach
  • 3 quarts of warm water

Wear goggles and rubber gloves and apply the solution to the affected area with a hand-pump garden sprayer. Allow it to sit for five to 10 minutes, and then pressure rinses thoroughly with clean water. Chlorine left on wood will damage any coatings applied over it, the NAHB warns.

Do a little faux.

Although it may seem strange to put manufactured materials alongside natural wood, it can be a great low-maintenance strategy. According to Michael Grant, a designer and builder, certain design elements like gables and dormers are simpler and more affordable to frame and encase in cement shingles or corrugated steel. These products enhance the beauty of the logs rather than competing with them. Modern Rustic Homes Georgia. “In addition, it is possible to eliminate the maintenance in these difficult-to-reach places of your home; there never needs painting or re-staining,” Zach Parmeter from Wisconsin. These materials can cover the foundation to protect logs from long-term moisture. However, it is also possible to use brick, natural stone, or masonry to keep them dry.

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