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Quick & Easy Cleaning Recommendations For Your Home

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As a homeowner, you must remember that you don’t always require deep cleaning measures to be able to make your home sparkle. In case you’re planning to make your home ready to welcome in the guests and you don’t have a lot of time on your hands, then you need some easy & quick cleaning procedures to get your job done in the best possible manner. 

Therefore, to assist you with the aforementioned process, we at professional services for house cleaning in Canberra, are sharing some quick cleaning suggestions that will require minimal effort on your part to be completed. 

Quick & Easy Cleaning Tips That Require Less Work

  • For Removing Stains Use Club Soda

In case you have any type of stains on your carpet fibres, then you can proceed to remove the same using a small amount of carbonated water. Start by pouring the club soda onto the carpet fibres and let the liquid stand for some minutes. Once done, you can soak up the liquid using a lint-free cotton cloth or even a paper towel. Proceed to repeat the method until and unless the stains are gone. 

  • Clean Lampshades

There’s nothing more unattractive than having dirty lampshades inside your home. Dirty lampshades not only look unpleasant to the eyes but also block the full spectrum of the light beam to travel in all directions. As a result, your interior lighting may look dull & lifeless. 

Moments like these are when you need to use a lint roller to clean all the accumulated dirt & dust. Don’t hesitate to use the roller several times until you get your desired results. 

  • Use Coconut Oil To Clean Leather

Maintaining leather furniture is not easy and the maintenance procedure is indeed challenging. If leather is not maintained accurately, then the surface will not only lose its lustre but also cracks will start to form on the surface. 

To deal with the above-mentioned problems in an efficient manner, you need to use coconut oil on your leather furniture regularly. Coconut oil will help to keep your leather material soft & supple, which means the moisture inside the pores of natural leather will remain intact. Furthermore, coconut oil will give your leather furniture the much-needed shine it needs and there will be fewer risks of cracks forming on the leather surface. 

  • Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Grease From Laundry

According to professional services for carpet cleaning in Canberra, hydrogen peroxide is a great solution for removing grease from your laundry. So, if you have any butter or grease stains on your pants or shirts, you can use hydrogen peroxide to treat the same. Hydrogen peroxide acts as an oxidising agent and forces the grease out of your cloth fibres. Once done, you can normally wash off your clothes using washing detergent.

  • Using Magic Eraser To Clean Your Toilet Bowl

In case if you have tough-to-remove stains inside your toilet bowl, then you can easily solve the problem by using a magic eraser. Simply chip off some magic eraser and allow it to sit inside the toilet bowl overnight. Such a process will eliminate the rings quickly.

The Need For Professional Cleaning Services

Even though you might be fascinated with our aforementioned quick cleaning tips, it should be remembered that deep cleaning procedures via professional cleaning services will always be required once in a while. 

For example, your carpets will attract all sorts of contaminants, which can lead to the spread of various illnesses & diseases. Since DIY carpet cleaning measures are not that potent, it’s suggested that you rely on professionals to get your task done. 

Thus, don’t forget to call in the professionals whenever required, especially if you value your time & money. 

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