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All You Need To Know About Decks & Rats

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If you’ve recently seen a rat in your garden or around your home, then it’s nothing to be surprised by. You can find rodents almost anywhere – inside sewers, drains, and so on. Such is the reason why few homeowners believe that the construction of decks attracts rats inside their house property, which is definitely not true at all. 

Thus, to help you understand the psychology of rats and why they invade our homes, we at timber decking in Sydney services, are going to share some facts about them. Moreover, we are also going to discuss the relationship between the construction of decks and the infestation of rats. 

Fact: Construction Of Decks Don’t Attract Rats

Even though decks provide a sheltered & dark space for rats to live and hide, you’ll rarely find rats nesting under your deck. Rats generally nest inside drains, sheds, embankments, compost bins, rubbish piles, and so on – places where their activity can be concealed. 

However, you can always reduce the risks of rat infestation under your newly constructed deck by adopting the following set of procedures:

  • Always install your deck with proper guidance from professional deck installation service providers. 
  • Prevent any access to the underside of your deck by installing mesh wire around the deck edge. Such a solution will not only prevent any intrusion of rats but also prevent the accumulation of wind-blown leaves & debris. 
  • In case you have drains or sewers under your deck, then you need to ensure that they are well-maintained, so that rats cannot invade the area. 

Fact: Source Of Food & Water Attract Rats

In the previous point, we have already mentioned how rats rarely nest under decks. According to a handyman in Bexley, one of the main reasons behind such a scenario is that – rats need a steady source of food, water, and a safe place to nest. So, it’s highly unlikely that a rat would find a reliable food, water, and resting place under your deck. However, if you want to minimize such risks, you need to ensure that you don’t leave water & food out on the deck. For example, many homeowners leave out their barbecue stations outside on the deck, which can become the main source of rat infestation.

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You can reduce the infestation of rodents by using the following suggestions:

  • Avoid keeping food & water out in the open, on your deck, even for your pets. 
  • If you want to feed the birds, make sure you invest in a bird feeder that will hang in the air and will not touch the ground. There should be no chances of falling bird food. 
  • Keep your deck clean at all times and maintain it well. 

Signs Of Rat Infestation Around Your Outdoor Deck

  • Droppings

Rat droppings can be found scattered all around your deck if there’s any rat infestation. The droppings can be present either on the top or below the deck. These droppings are generally seen as dark brown in color and they look similar to mouse droppings, except bigger. 

  • Gnaw Marks

One of the other signs that you can see around your deck which will point towards a rat infestation is the presence of gnaw marks as well as damage. Rat teeth continue to grow over time, which is the reason why they gnaw constantly to wear their teeth down. 

  • Sounds

If you hear weird sounds during nighttime, such as screeching, scurrying, and squeaking, you can expect the presence of rats around your decks. 

And that pretty much concludes our discussion. In case you have any further questions to ask, be sure to reach out to us today. 

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