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Is Your Roof Damaged? 8 Signs You Need Roof Repair

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Is your roof in danger? Although you may not believe it, how can you know?

Are there any signs of roof damage that you have not yet noticed? Are you able to identify the signs and how to check your roof?

Roof damage can be very serious, and we don’t want anyone to suffer. You may not know the right way to inspect your roof.

We are experts in roof repair, roof damage and roof construction and will share our knowledge with you.

This guide will help you identify signs of roof damage.

1. Sunlight coming through

A roof with holes large enough to allow sunlight in is a sign that it’s damaged. This is the most obvious sign. It’s often overlooked, especially in attics or other rooms that aren’t used frequently.

Look for any holes that allow sunlight in, room by room. All lights must be turned off, and blinds and doors should be closed. Make the room as dark as possible.

Next, turn your attention to the sky. You have holes in your roof if you can see the sky, or small sparkles of Facade lighting

2. Leaks when it rains

Another sign is a roof that leaks during rain. It’s possible to miss it.

You should immediately repair any roof leaks. Even a tiny leak can allow moisture to get in between cracks and spread as far as possible into your roofing material. This moisture expands and contracts with temperature, thereby widening your roof’s opening.

The deterioration quickly spreads, weakening your roof’s integrity. It is more costly to repair and more dangerous to wait.

Check for drips next time it rains if you don’t know if there are any. As many homeowners overlook their attic, don’t forget about it.

3. Moisture where it shouldn’t be

Leakages are not always easy to spot, as we mentioned before. Sometimes, they are just tiny drops of water that get trapped in insulation or absorb into boxes in your attic. They are still a problem.

These leaks can cause irreparable damage to any stored items that have been soaked in them. This moisture can then become a breeding ground for mildew and mold. This can cause irreparable damage to the wood of your house.

Check for any puddles and other moist areas after a storm. Regularly inspect your home for mold and mildew.

Paint that blisters/peels is also a sign of excessive moisture. Call a professional roofer if you notice any of these signs.

4. Stains and discoloration

If leaks are present for a long time, you will see the water on your ceiling and walls. When moisture seeps deeper into your home, it brings dirt along with it. This dirty water can cause paint to become discolored if it reaches the ceiling or walls.

These discolorations can be grey, brown or yellowish. It appears as a circular ring on the ceiling. It may appear as streaks falling down on the walls.

These stains are a sign that water has leaked into your home, as we mentioned. These stains are signs of water damage that needs to be addressed immediately.

5. Sagging

A sagging ceiling is another sign of water damage. This is when water has accumulated in the same area above your head so many more times that it causes the ceiling to warp under its weight.

A professional roofer should inspect your roof immediately. Remember to check the attic for signs of sagging when checking for it.

6. Energy bills rising

Your roof can also allow water and light to leak through. Heat and air can also leak through roof holes. Your heating and cooling systems will need to be run more often to compensate for a temperature leak.

Air leakage through your roof could be the reason your energy bills keep rising. There are many factors that could cause this. It’s a good idea to inspect your roof in case of emergency.

As instructed, check for sunlight coming through. Also, check the exterior as described in the next point.

7. Visible Roof Damage

The first thing is the most important. Don’t get overzealous about checking your roof’s exterior. A roof falling from the roof can lead to serious injuries.

They are actually the second leading cause for death in private construction. These are professionals.

If you don’t have the right training and equipment, do not try to climb on top of your roof. However, you can take a careful look from a safe and reliable ladder.

This is what you should be looking for on your roof’s exterior.

Shingles missing or damaged

Call us if your shingles or tiles are missing or cracked, broken, peeling or damaged in any other way.

Rot and Decay

Also, look out for signs of decay and rot. The protective outer layer of your roof will be damaged by mold, mildew and fungus. It is vulnerable to the elements.

Flashing or damaged Chimney

Chimney damage can be very serious. Chimneys with cracked or broken bricks can collapse onto your roof and cause serious damage. This is dangerous for everyone in your home.

The flashing, which connects the chimney and the house, can crack or become damaged. This invites moisture into the home. The problem is worsened by the moisture expanding and contracting with temperature changes. These temperature changes can be caused by the weather or the use of your fireplace.


Is there roofing material or chimney flashing missing from your lawn? Tell your neighbors.

8. Your Roof is 20 years old or more

A roof replacement lasts for about 20 years. Replace your roof if it is more than 20 years old.

Check the roofs of neighbors if you are unsure about your roof’s age. Most likely, the homes around yours were built at the same period as yours.

If your roof looks older than theirs, it could be a sign that your roof needs to be replaced.

Is your roof damaged?

Now that you have the checklist, what is your roof rating? Is it passing the test? Is your roof in good condition?

These are the signs to look out for. To have your roof checked immediately, call a professional roofing contractor.

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