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Know The Merits Of Going Absolute Vegetarian

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Vegan, vegetarian or plant-based diets – all are the same when it comes to the basic features except for some minor differences. Therefore, for the average consumer, it can become pretty daunting to find the approach that fits the best for him or her. 

Keeping the same in perspective, we are sharing some meaningful information regarding the vegetarian diet – that can help you make the switch effortlessly. Moreover, if you want to simultaneously increase your fitness levels you can do the switch along with the help of several power-packed Les Mills classes.

The Different Types Of Plant-Based Diets

When it comes to a vegetarian diet, it usually includes grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds, nuts and may consist of dairy & egg products. All of the vegetarian diets exclude meat or fish. There are also various subsets within these diets, which are then can be segregated into the following ones:

  • Lacto-Vegetarian

One who consumes dairy products along with other plant-based products.

  • Lacto-ovo-Vegetarian

One who consumes egg as well as dairy products.

  • Ovo-Vegetarian

One who consumes egg.

  • Pescetarian

One who consumes fish.

  • Semi-Vegetarian

Occasionally consumes meat.

  • Flexitarian

Very rarely consumes meat (either once or twice per month).

  • Vegan

Do not consume any animal products. 

With the above mentioned subsets, it can become challenging for anyone to determine the ideal diet with the most health advantages. It should be perceived that CVD or Cardiovascular Diseases take years to get developed in the human body, which is why short-term studies will not give any results. However, it must be understood that a well-planned vegetarian diet will definitely provide you with an adequate amount of nutrition – lower the risk of major heart diseases. 

The Merits Of Following A Vegetarian Diet

  • Improved Intake Of Healthy Food
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If you want to maintain a healthy eating pattern, then you must eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Along with that, you also need to consume nuts, whole-grains, pulses and legumes. The diet should have an appropriate level of carbs, protein, fat and fibre. This is the reason why vegetarians have low lower body mass indexes. Moreover, they are less prone to diseases such as strokes, diabetes, blood pressure syndromes and the like.

The intake of Vitamin C and E related foods should also be increased because these vitamins act as antioxidants in the human body. 

  • Lowering Of Unhealthy Food Intake

It should be realised that there are several dietary fibres in animal foods, which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. One of the major components of such increased risks is saturated fats which are found in animal meats – leading to elevated levels of cholesterol in the human body. Apart from that, processed animal meats also contain preservatives such as nitrates, sodium and nitrites – which enhances blood pressure and reduces the secretion of the insulin hormone. 

However, all the other above problems can be solved by moving to a plant-based diet. By eliminating dairy and meat products altogether can prove to be healthy in the long-run. 

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