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Free Style Egg White Asparagus Brunch Recipe

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When I’m at home, I’m probably in the kitchen. Usually free-styling, especially for brunch. This recent brunch was so freakin’ tasty I thought it deserved a little more than 15 minutes Instagram feed fame. It was spring, and Asparagus was everywhere. And I do mean everywhere, tasting menus, recipe book covers. You name it. It’s a popular veg. So much so that it’s popularity has grown 540% in the last decade. Crazy? Well, no. It’s an amazing veg. So tasty. So elegant. So pretty, especially when sliced sideways, thus.

Isn’t It Marvellous.

So this was the starting place of my brunch. But as I do not believe in breakfast without carbs, I still had some work to do. Enter these fresh new potatoes from my veg box. Scrubbed and par boiled, along with a bay leaf or two (A tip I read from another blogger that very week – try it – gives them a wonderfully edge). Whack a bay leaf in your potato next time you par boil them. The potatoes I thought needed brightening up, so after they were soften I pan fried them in coconut oil, mustard seeds and turmeric. For a little further colour and gloss, I tossed them in walnut oil and black onion seeds after they were well crispy. This was one part of the dish that probably could have done with a little refinement. While it worked, there was a lot going on. But that’s one of the risks with free-styling, things won’t be perfect.

Sometimes I Like To Pretend I’m On Telly, With A Bunch Of Glass Ramekins Like This.

Hollandaise is a fantastic accompaniment to asparagus. And something I’ve not had much experience with, so I googled a recipe, which turned out to be pretty impressive. I switched a little, adding some cayenne pepper instead of mustard and tabasco. The problem with hollandaise is that you end up with excess egg white, being a hater of food waste, this inspired the base of my dish. An egg white omelette. I always feel so NYC when I make one. And that was it really. Threw the whole thing together and tossed over some chives, fresh from my balcony pots. It was a brilliant dish. Went together sweetly, freshly and crisply. High fat and carbs, no doubt. So use in moderation.

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