Tue. Jun 22nd, 2021

Straightforward Ways To Eliminate Powder Makeup From Your Carpets

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Carpets are no stranger to beverage and food spills. There will be moments when accidents may happen and you should be ready to clean up the mess. Some examples of common items that create carpet stains can include fruit juice, coffee, pet urine, tomato sauce, powder makeup and red wine.

So, to help you clean your carpet stains, today we’re going to focus on the ways that you can use to eliminate powder makeup from your carpet fibres. You’ll have two methods to deal with powder makeup stains on your carpet – either DIY procedures or call the professional carpet cleaning in Brisbane services. So, in this comprehensive guide, we’ll be covering the various DIY methods for the same.

The Basics 

In case you’re not aware, you must know that the longer your powder makeup stays on your carpet, the challenging it will be to remove the same. It doesn’t matter whether you have spilt face powder or eye-shadow on your carpet, you need to act fast so that you can prevent the spread of the stains on your carpet fibres. But, if you can act promptly enough, then you’ll be able to avoid the carpet fibres from getting permanently stained. 

Furthermore, another suggestion that we would want to propagate is that – you shouldn’t aggressively try to scrub the stains off your carpet fibres. Such a stance will further make the stain removal process more complicated. 

The Reasonable DIY Steps To Remove Powder Makeup Stains From Carpets

It should be perceived that carpet cleaners who are professional & experienced will know the proper ways of dealing with powder makeup stains. However, the following is the DIY process that you can judiciously follow:

Pro Tip: Professional couch cleaner in Brisbane states that if you can perform the testing first, in a precise manner, then removing powder makeup stains will be a piece of cake. With the help of testing, you’ll be able to know whether the carpet can handle the cleaning procedure. So, ensure that you use a test for a small portion of your carpet before proceeding with the full procedure. If the carpet doesn’t handle the cleaning procedure, you need to hire professional cleaners for the same. 

  • Vacuuming
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The first step that you need to take is to vacuum the loose powder makeup from the carpet fibres. Vacuuming will make the rest of the cleaning process effortless. 

  • Soap & Water

Once vacuuming is done, use simple soap & water mixture for your carpet. Avoid using store-bought cleaners or bleach. Use a sponge to apply the soap & water mixture to your carpet fibres. 

  • Makeup Remover

After the aforementioned process, you can use some regular makeup remover solution to finally remove all the leftover stains from your carpet fibres. 

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