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Know the Different Types of Cones and Their Exact Uses

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For most of us, when we were kids, nothing can beat the creamy, cool sweetness of ice-creams combined with the nice and crispy crunch of an ice-cream cone. Both of them made the perfect summer treat. This is because the cones enhance the overall texture and taste of the ice-cream, so they are indeed very essential in completing the final taste of the ice-cream itself. 

Together with different varieties like sugar cones and waffle cones, adding new tastes and flavors to each type of ice-cream serving never has been this much fun and easy. Similarly, if you’re running an ice-cream shoppe, then having different varieties of cones will help you enhance your overall profits and find better ways of serving the most popular ice-cream offers. 

The Types Of Cones And Their Uses

  • Cake Cones

These are also known as wafer cones because they are flaky, light and also sweet in a more subtle manner. It should be important to know and learn that your cone should not be too bland in terms of overall taste – because it may overpower the rich taste of the ice-cream itself. By using the correct combination of flavours, shortenings, sugar and so on – a unique mix is created, which is then used to create the cake cone model. 

These cones are the best when it comes serving ice-cream to kids. You can find a wide variety when it comes to your special needs and desires. Since these cones are made from cake, pastry and tapioca flour altogether, you can expect these cones to have the perfect blend of sweet and crispness to go along with your ice-cream.

  • Waffle Cones

If you need better texture and appearance with each of your ice-cream servings, then waffle cones should be your answer. These cones also blend in pastry and cake flour together to create a sweet and crunchy taste. Dark brown sugar or molasses are also added to them to improve the crunchiness, thereby improving the strength and ultimately reducing the risk of breakage. 

These cones have a conical shape and are designed to collect any drips of ice-cream – making them perfect for adults and children alike. These cones also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours too.

  • Sugar Cones

These are like the classic cones that you mostly see in other ice-cream stores. They tend to be sweeter and can act as a substitute for your regular cake cone flavour. Brown sugar or molasses are also added to these cone types for providing a crunchier, thicker texture and taste. 

These cones have a darker hue than others and the blend of flour improves the strength and rigidity of the cone. Such rigidity helps in preventing accidental spillage and breakage when eating your favourite ice-cream. 

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