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7 Lodge Decor Ideas to Make Your Home Feel As Cozy as a Cabin

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A lodge decor style is warm and inviting. This style is popular because of its rustic materials, woodland animals, and cozy accents. This decor style doesn’t have to be limited to log cabins. Any home can be transformed into a natural, woodsy space. These 7 lodge decor ideas will make your home feel like it’s in a cozy cabin.

Use Leather Furniture For A Cozy & Classy Cabin Look

Furniture is an integral part of any room. This makes it crucial to choose the right style and material for your lodge decor theme. You can create a cozy cabin-style atmosphere in any room of your home if you are willing to spend on quality furniture.

If you are looking for a classic and cozy cabin style, leather furniture and room accents will be your best choice. You can create a cozy atmosphere in your living area using a brown leather sofa. To complete your furnishings, you can add a distressed wood coffee table.

Consider adding leather furniture to your home. A leather ottoman for your bed, leather cushions on your kitchen chairs, or a leather office chair. Fake leather is an option that can be used for a cheaper price. For a lodge-like look, make sure to add some wooden furniture.

Decorate With A Mix Of Materials In Addition To Wood

Many lodge decor ideas include the traditional elements of wood logs and distressed wood. But that doesn’t necessarily mean every accent in your home must be made from wood. Mixing materials can give your space more variety. A simple decoration of small details in other materials can bring life to a space.

Remember that rustic decor styles are closely related to cabin decor. This means that rustic materials can be used with the cabin theme. You can decorate your home with wood or galvanized metal, burlap and stone, as well as canvas. These are some decorative accents that you can add to your lodge-themed home to make it more eclectic.

  • Galvanized metal vase or planter
  • Picture frames in stone or concrete
  • Canvas wall art with cabin-themed images
  • Distressed wood floating bookshelves
  • Cast iron statues for woodland animals
  1. Add Some Coziness To Your Cabin Theme With Rugs & Blankets

Wood and rustic materials can add warmth to the lodge decor style and create some warmth. Warm and comfortable elements will enhance the cabin feel you create.

You can easily incorporate soft and comfortable materials into your home with rugs, throw pillows, blankets, cushions, chairs, bedding, and towels. No matter what kind of home you have, these are all elements that will make your home feel cozy and warm. You can use whatever soft textures you like and coordinate them with lodge-themed decorations.

Soft Materials To Use In Your Lodge Decor Style Home

There are many soft materials that you can use for your lodge-style home. However, some will be more compatible with your theme than others. For a simpler decorating process, stick to one or two followings. These materials and fabrics can be used in many ways throughout your home.

Create a unique lodge style with a stone accent wall in your living room or kitchen.

Stone is an excellent material option to incorporate into your cabin-themed home, as we have already mentioned. You can incorporate stone into your home in various ways, including an accent wall or fireplace.

A small accent wall or stacked stone fireplace can bring life to any room and add a rustic touch. An accent wall is a wall that you can add to your living space behind your couch, kitchen backsplash, or bedroom.

You can still get the rustic look of a stone wall with peel and stick wallpaper if you look for affordable cabin decor alternatives. This wallpaper is cheaper and easier to apply and offers quick transformations.

Incorporate Wild Animal Decorations Into Your Cabin Theme

Once you have established the main elements of your lodge decor style, you can start to create cabin-themed symbols and patterns. This decorating style uses woodland animals as the main symbol. Include elements of animals in your home decor to create a lodge-like atmosphere.

These are some of the most common woodland creatures you can include:

  • Deer
  • Wolves
  • Owls
  • Bears
  • Birds

These animal themes can be decorated with faux antlers, a bear-patterned rug on the wall, small wolf figurines for the coffee table or wall art featuring nature scenes with these animals. You can mix and match your animal theme throughout your home. However, if you prefer a simpler look, you might only feature two animals.

Include Candles & Lanterns In Every Room For A Warm & Cozy Lodge Theme

Lighting is an important element when setting the cozy and warm theme for your home’s rooms. In the most relaxing rooms of your home, such as the living and bedroom, use soft white bulbs. To increase the warmth, add decorative accents lighted to your home.

Warm lighting is easy with candles and lanterns. Metal lanterns and distressed wood will look great with any decor, as well as natural or varnished wood candle holders. For a relaxing atmosphere, add candles in your favorite scents.

Place lanterns as the centerpiece of your dining room table. Also, place candles all around the living area on the coffee table and mantel. Hang lantern wall sconces above the bed in your bedroom. Your lighted decorations can be as bold or subtle as you like. It will create a rustic cabin space.

Bring Natural Elements Into Your Home For Decorative Cabin Accents

The lodge decor theme must include a constant theme of nature. The goal is to keep the lodge looking calm and woody with natural elements you might find in the forest.

Small accents are a great way to add natural touches to your home. These subtle accents will tie together your theme and make it complete. You can achieve the perfect look whether you are looking for natural decorations or buying fake versions. This idea can be combined with other lodge decor ideas, and you will be set!

Natural Decorative Accents Ideas for a Cabin-Themed Home

  • Fake birch branches in a small vase
  • Coasters made from wood slices
  • Pinecones in a decorative bowl
  • Wood log flower vases
  • Dry leaves and dried flowers
  • Artificial bare branch trees

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